Success Stories

Dear Dr. Prisco,

I'm a very active individual and love participating in a range of sports. However, last year I started getting very sharp pains in my back, neck and shoulder. I thought it was nothing until my neck started to get severe spasms. Even sleeping and sitting at my chair at work were becoming chores. My friend told me about Dr. Prisco and how he helped her with similar problems, so I decided to try his treatments

After my first appointment, I immediately felt relief. He took the time not only to treat me, but to show me exercises and stretches that I was able to do everyday to help build strength and prevent further injuries. He also gave me tips to use in the workplace to help me improve my posture and how I felt when sitting at my desk all day.

I continued with my sessions and my condition has done nothing but improve. I can't thank Dr. Prisco enough for relieving the pain that I had in my neck, back and shoulder. It has made such a big difference in my life.

Thanks for Everything,

- J.S.
New York, NY

Dr. Prisco,

When I originally came into your office I wasn't sure what you could do for my shoulder problems, but I was very happy with the results. After recieving my updated workout routines, ergonomic changes and adjustments I felt a whole lot better.

Thanks Dr. P!

- MK
New York, NY

Dear Dr. Prisco,

Growing up a gymnast and dancer, I suffered a number of injuries. I was told by my coaches to never seek treatment from a chiropractor, since I could do more damage than good. A couple years ago, I herniated discs in my neck while moving into my new apartment, and it kept me out from my active lifestyle that I've known for so long. I saught help from a physical therapist, only to find that the pain and pressure in my neck were not improving. My friend had referred Dr. Prisco to me and spoke very highly of his treatment. I was hesitant, but decided to make an appointment and I'm grateful I did.

Since having Dr. Prisco's treatment, my neck tightness and pressure has subsided, as well as the numbness I was experiencing in my arm and hand. His gentleness, careful adjustments and workout routines have done wonders. I highly recommend Dr. Prisco's treatment as it has made me move forward with my physical activities, instead of holding me back from the things I enjoy.

I can't thank you enough,

- J.A.
Hoboken, NJ

This is my first ever review. I felt compelled to write something about my experience with Dr. Prisco. I was having on and off lower back stiffness after i worked out, jogged, played golf for about a year or so. It was not excruciating pain, just the inability to be as flexible and comfortable as I need to be. After two sessions with Dr. Prisco, I feel 100% better. It was my first time to a ch...iropractor so I was a little nervous and skeptical. He made me feel very comfortable throughout my sessions. He was gentle and very knowledgeable. He showed me stretches and exercises to continue on a daily basis. I have played numerous rounds of golf and have had no back issues. Not to sound dramatic, but the adjustments he made and the guidance he has given me has really changed my life. I feel so much better since I went to him.

Justin D.
Manhattan, NY

Dr. Prisco is practically a magician. I injured my back 2 years ago jumping on a rebounder, and it was extremely painful to sit, walk or do any exercise. I was pretty desperate for relief, and a close friend recommended Dr. Prisco. I kid you not, after one session, I felt 90% better and then a few days later...100%. Kind of a miracle since I was in pain for so long. He did very gentle, subtle adju...stments, used a machine that released electromagnetic impulses into my lower back, and then placed a special surgical tape along my lower back that I was instructed to keep on for a few days. I felt amazing at the end of that week, and a year later, I still feel great! I definitely need to be careful to not re-injure myself, but I truly feel that session triggered the healing process for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend him!

Amanda B.
New York, NY

I have been seeing Dr. Prisco for a couple of years now and he has a wonderful approach to wellness, nutrition and ergonomics. I wear a heavy belt at work all day and I am sitting most of the day which causes me discomfort and pain in my lower back. Dr. Prisco relieved my lower back pain in a very short amount of time and gave me tips on posture and nutrition which helped me a lot . I see Dr. Prisco once a week and he accepts my insurance. He is highly recommended by me for any back pain or general wellness.

John G.
East Meadow, NY

While staying in the city over the summer, I re-injured my lower back. Dr. Prisco was recommended to me and I am so glad I went to him! His treatments were excellent. My spasms subsided after the first treatment and I felt my back getting better each week. His treatments were gentle and effective. He gave me exercises to do at home, which added to the whole recovery. Thank you, Dr. Prisco!

- Mary Jo C.
Ridgefield, CT

When I first met Dr. Prisco, I was suffering from crippling lower back and hip pain, stemming from the fact that I had two herniated discs in my lumbar spine, and ligament damage to my hip. As a former college basketball player and all around exercise enthusiast, I had been damaging my spine and hips for years by not taking the steps to rectify the imbalances in my body. I had seen 5 orthopedics, 4 chiropractors and countless physical therapists by the time I met Dr. Prisco. He was the first one to take a universal approach to my injury, as opposed to just focusing on the injured discs themselves. His deep knowledge of kinetics and ergonomics was invaluable to my recovery process. He explained to me how the origin of my problem was the strength and flexibility imbalances in my hips, and how this was affecting the pressure on my lower back. He helped me to create a personalized exercise program in order to speed up my recovery, as well as provided me with the chiropractic, and ergonomic adjustments I needed. Dr. Prisco's diagnosis was spot on, and I started improving and getting stronger every week. Now, six months later, I am back on the court and in the weight room, as strong and stable as ever. There was a point I began to think that I would never get back to this level physically or athletically, but Dr. Prisco was the one to finally help me get back to this point, and I could not give a higher recommendation of him as a physician and as a person.

- R.M.
Brooklyn, NY

Last month I had the worst back and neck pain I couldn't even move or talk. And it was right after the Sandy storm. Most of the offices in Manhattan were closed. But luckily I was able to set up an appointment with Dr. Prisco. He totally helped my back and I felt so much better after even just one visit. He definitely seemed to know what he was doing, and he explained everything I asked.

I have been visiting Dr. Prisco for over a month now, and his chiropractic therapy has been incredibly helpful for me in isolating my back pain.

Dr. Prisco is very knowledgeable about the muscular and skeletal systems and uses this to effectively treat my back pain.

I have found him to be very professional and attentive. In each session he has taken the time to listen to me, answer all my questions and explain what he believes to be the cause of my back pain and showed me all necessary stretching exercises to relieve my pain.

I would highly recommend Dr. Prisco!!

Inna S.
Manhattan, NY

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